Michael is a successful entrepreneur who grew up in and around family businesses - large and small.

Throughout his life, Michael has had experience working in industrial and technical fields, service companies, higher education, and public policy. His jobs have included skilled labor, project management, sales and marketing, finance and administration, as well as executive vision and leadership roles.

He has negotiated and consulted with individuals, governments, non-profits, civic groups, and corporations across the country. In every capacity, Michael has repeatedly been recognized as an effective communicator, insightful leader and goal-oriented achiever.

As a limited government free-enterprise advocate, Michael sees a need to reduce unnecessary regulation and ease the regulatory burden on business. Michael believes small businesses are the backbone of North Carolina’s economy and that we need a conservative in the Secretary of State’s office that will advocate for business within state government and work to get government out of the way and allow entrepreneurs and businesses owners to thrive.

His understanding of business, government, and the economy are rooted in thirty years of real-world business and life experience.

Michael and his wife, Patricia, have been married for 18 years and have a 13 year old son.